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URALGON - annually 200 in a straight line

URALGON - speed races between domestic motorcycles Ural and Dnepr.

From the start to the finish motorcycles races for 200 meters.

The "Standard" class - standard Ural and Dnepr motorcycles - a standard appearance, the standard frame, engine, gearbox reducer is 8, the radius of wheels is 19, carburetors, ignition, exhaust system.

It is allowed all of the standard modifications and changes that have been mastered by the manufacturer throughout the history of their creation, for example, carburetor k301 may be replaced by k68 or cam ignition may be change to electronic (but not from OKA), it is allowed to change the pistons or valves or both, the main is outside view- the standard appearance of your motorcycle engine.

If your Ural or Dnepr from any limited series and is not included in the "Standard" class explicitly, send us its description and we will consider a possibility of including it in the class.

The "Without limitation" class - it is allowed any changes at all of units, as the engine and transmission, any pistons, any camshafts, valves with enlarge diameter, there are no restrictions in the gearbox and the gear ratios, any diameters of wheels and tires, any inlet and exhaust systems, which are suitable for you - in general, without any restrictions.

All "know-how" is welcome, such as injection, turbo, nitrous oxide, etc.

But there is a BUT - the engine block of Ural and Dnepr motorcycles as well as the outside appearance of the cylinders and heads, so to speak standard 650 cu. cm, what do you do inside does not concern us.

The main thing that your "child" drives 200 meters faster than all...

In 2014, competition in the race at the speed of Ural and Dnepr motorcycles will be held within the bounds of moto-festival "Mowgli's Shore".

Also, ring race of motorcycles with a sidecar will takes place.


We invite enthusiastic motorcyclists to participate in these competitions.

The prize fund is 100,000 rubles.


The data for the registration must be submitted via the site feedback form...



URALGON Photos from past years.

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